Windows client features explained

You can download UTunnel for Windows from our website . Once you have downloaded and installed the app, you can login andbegin using it. This guide will walk you through exploring different features of UTunnel app from your Windows device.

1. Connecting UTunnel VPN

a. Your UTunnel servers will be listed below the title VPN Servers on the left side menu of the app screen.

b. The details of your default server will be displayed at the main content area at the right side of the app screen.

c. This includes the information about your UTunnel server, such as Server Name, connection status, IP Address, Type of VPN server and VPN protocol.

d. Click on the VPN protocol to select your preferred VPN protocol. You can select from IKEv2, OpenVPN UDP or OpenVPN TCP to connect your VPN server.

e. Click on the “Connect” button to connect to a UTunnel VPN server.

f. Click on the refresh button next to the VPN Servers at the left side of the app screen to refresh your server list.


General Settings

a. Click on the General Settings to access the features of UTunnel VPN app for Windows device.

b. VPN Connection: Select Keep always connected option, if you want to stay connected to UTunnel VPN every time you use your device.

c. VPN Kill Switch: Select this feature to block all internet traffic when the VPN gets disconnected on your device.

d. Logs: Click on the Logs button to access the logs. You can click on the Copy button to copy and share it with our support agents in case if you need support to troubleshoot any issues you have encountered while using the VPN.

e. Current Version: This displays the current version of the UTunnel app installed on your Windows device. Click on the Update button to update the app to its latest version.


a. You can access the account information from this screen. Your name and email address will be displayed on top below the Account information section.

b. You can also change or reset your password from this screen.

c. Enter your old password and then your new password. Re-enter the current password and click on the Rest or Change button as the case may be.

Log Out

Click on the Logout button to logout of the app. Click Yes on the pop up message that asks your permission to confirm that you want to logout of the app.

Quick Access

Once launched you can Connect, open the console or quit the app from the UTunnel icon in the system tray of your Windows device.