How to create a UTunnel Cloud server

 Follow the steps below to set up a Utunnel Cloud VPN server:

1. Visit our website and select the Account tab to sign in with your user credentials.


2. You will reach the Server List screen. Click on either Create a Server now option toward the middle of the screen or select Create Server button at the top right to create a new server.


3. You will land on the Create Server screen. Here you can provide your billing address details. This step is optional, you can either provide the details and click on the Proceed button or select the Skip button to do it later from My Account tab on your dashboard.


4. The next step is to click and enable Personal option to create a Utunnel personal VPN server. Select the input for other fields as given below:

  • Server Name: An easily identifiable name of your choice.
  • Provider: Select your desired service provider from our list
  • Location: Select the desired location from where you prefer to create the server
  • VPN accounts: Select the number of VPN users you want to allow access to your cloud server
  • Select Instance type: Choose an instance type based on the server specification
  • Coupon: Enter if you have any coupon available

Click on the Proceed button toward the right bottom of the screen.


5. Enter the payment details as required on the right side of the screen and click on the Subscribe option.


6. You will reach the summary page, which displays the details of the server configuration, the billing amount and payment options. Click 'Proceed' to create server.


7. You will be redirected to the dashboard now. Here you can see the status of server creation as highlighted in the screenshot below.

8. Once the installation is completed, you will get a status message displaying the succesful creation of the VPN server.

9. Once the server is created, the Server Details page will display the details of the cloud VPN server, including IP address, install type, provider, location, server type, bandwidth, active users, subscribed date and connection status.

10. Now you are all set to connect to your Utunnel VPN server. The newly created server will be listed in UTunnel VPN client applications.

If you have any queries, please connect with our customer support.