What is an On-Premise server

As the name indicates On-Premise VPN Server is the deployed at your premise. With On-Premise option, you can bring in your own server. This server can be at your premise or in your account with a cloud provider. For example, you can bring in a Digitalocean droplet installed with Ubutnu 18.04 or an Ubutnu 18.04 loaded server kept in your office. Technically, you can use a newly installed Ubutnu 18.04 server with public IP V4 address. This is a good option for small medium business organisations.

Creating On-Premise server is quite straightforward, just follow the instructions provided to setup a On-Premise server. Once the server is setup, you can manage it from our easy to use dashboard. You can configure your own DNS servers, and let OpenVPN run on a custom port. You can also enable Split Routing, which will send only the traffic which is destined for the configured destinations (an IP address or a network) across the tunnel.