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The outbreak of COVID-19 has a growing impact on global businesses, markets and economy. Business organizations across the globe are facing significant challenges to take a rapid response to continue their day-to-day operations. As the world hunkers down to combat and contain the outbreak of this pandemic, the need to ramp-up remote working facilities becomes mandatory.

UTunnel can support you to safeguard your staff and business during this volatile situation. UTunnel VPN can help you to shift your employees to secure remote working. Our VPN enables roaming users to securely access your organization’s data, application or servers in your corporate network. This provides a highly secure access to your enterprise network with military grade encryption. 

Get 10 user FREE licenses on your first server

Sign up now to get 10 user licenses absolutely FREE for six months on your first UTunnel VPN server on Cloud or On-premise. If you have needs beyond these terms of free usage or setting up a server, please contact our support.

Note: For cloud servers, you will be charged to cover the server cost.

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