Do I need a Personal VPN Server

It's a common question whether one needs a Personal VPN Server? The answer is YES, if anonymity is not your primary concern and you don't need to connect to different locations, then a personal VPN server is the best solution for you. Having a private VPN server for friends and family is a good idea as it gives you better privacy and security. 

Below are some key points,


Public VPN servers are good if you are after anonymity. But you’re just moving the risk down the VPN tunnel as the VPN company can see all your internet traffic. In fact, many of them may be already selling your data to scammers and advertisers.
At UTunnel, your internet traffic is not monitored at all. A 'no-log' policy is followed by default and it's upto you to enable logs or not and it can't even be enabled in the basic plan. It is available only with standard plan. Apart from that, with UTunnel, you can deploy a VPN server with an integrated Cloud provider or you can bring your own server. In the latter case, you just use our service and you manage your server completely.  We don't even have access to it to your server. How it works is, at the time of your VPN server deployment once you follow the config instructions your server pulls all required packages and information from our management server, to get your server ready and operational. 


Public VPN servers are shared with hundreds of people and it affects the connection speed. But with UTunnel, since the server is private to you, you know who connects to your server hence you get maximum speed with the maximum privacy.

Clean Static IP

Most of the time public VPN service providers IP address gets blacklisted since it is shared with hundreds of users. But with your own VPN server, you get a clean static IP address.